Karen Messmer

2023 Team Australia

Big Beer Festival 18/02/2023

WOW. Saturday night was massive I left at 930 but mum, aunty Traci, and Mark stayed until 01:00.  We collected cans from all the patrons.  We got thousands of cans. Check out the picture.  I hated the smell.  I have to thank Marg from Central Queensland Container Refund and Callan from Capricorn Food and Wine for their support. It wasn't possible without them.


On Friday last week I started my training at 6am.  We sat done to work out how many sessions I have and realised it is only 17 weeks.  I have to train really hard now.  I have to work on my dressage skills.  I will keep you all posted.  


Yesterday was a massive day.  I traveled to Nerang on the Gold Coast to be fitted for my equestrian uniform.  WOW, it looks good.  The 3 girls have the same apart from the stock.  Ollie's is slightly different.
Thank you to everyone who has donated. It does help us greatly. 

Famous Today

WOW. Today I had a story in the Courier Mail. It's showing how far I have come since my birth.  I was really tiny 825grams orn1lb 13oz. Mum said that was the size of a 600ml coke bottle.  Still can't believe I was this small.

My Journey

Hi, my name is Karen Messmer, I am 16 and have been riding for only 4yrs. From the beginning of joining the Special Olympics, my dream was to be part of Team Australia in Berlin in 2023.  I DID IT!!  I am hopeful that you will all support me by donating to my fundraising endeavors, even if it is only a small amount. 

I will keep you all updated on all of my activities.  

Will you get me to the World Games?

I'm so proud to have been picked to wear the green and gold at the World Games in Berlin. 

To be part of an Australian team and go overseas will be a dream come true. But I need to raise $9,000 to get there. That’s a lot of money and I need your help!   

Will you please donate today and get me to Berlin? I promise I will do my best and make Australia proud. If you donate through this page YOUR money goes directly towards MY fundraising goal.  

You can donate any amount you want, but I like these amounts:  

$64 because it represents each athlete 

$28 because it represents each official 

$92 because it represents the whole team  

$150 because it’s just a good number!  

I’m told that donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible, so please donate and help me get to the Games. 

I’ll let our team know that you’re awesome because you support us. Thank you! 

My Achievements

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Reached 100% of fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good Luck Karen enjoy your dream.


Cougar Mining Equipment


Neil O'keefe

Chase the dream, Karen. Enjoy every minute of the experience.



Go Karen!!!


Edge & Empire Apartment Hotel


Anna Keegan

I know you'll absolutely smash it and make such wonderful memories xxx



best wishes from the Tannock Family



We are so proud of you and your achievements. love the Tannock Family


Sandra Robinson

Good luck! Have a great time





So proud of you... such a wonderful experience


Kate Rogers

Good work Karen you’ll smash it!


Sonni And Shelby Hill

How wonderful Karen, Great work. We will be cheering you on. xxx



Congratulations Karen


Helen Withey

Good Luck, you are going so well!


Mary Rennie

Good luck


Marketing Mafia


Alan Boulter

Good luck. Best wishes.


Jeanette Koukourou


Warwick Middleton

Extremely well done Karen! Congratulations


Fiona Irvin

How wonderful, Karen. Go for Gold. 🥇💪 Cheering from Wollongong NSW.


Remya Mohanan Indira

Wish you good luck 🤞


Michael Sedgwick

Congratulations. Hope you have a great time at the world games.







Lauren Woods


Matt&mel Campbell

Good luck Karen!


Gabby Stark

You are amazing Karen. Good luck! ❤️ Gabby


Jose Diacono

Good luck Karen. I read about you in equestrian life


Punch The Beetle


Gaye Burrows

Enjoy the experience. 🤩


Lynette Mcdougall

Good luck Karen.


Colleen O’donnell

Good luck Karen



Good luck Karen!





Samantha Reus

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