Sophie Nichols

2023 Team Australia

Victorian State Championships - April 2023

Very excited to see some friends and compete last weekend in the Special Olympics Victorian State Championships!  It was a great practice run for World Games.

National Games trip 2022

My favorite competition so far has been National Games in Launceston October 2022!  I made lots of new friends and was so excited to compete.
I am so proud to be part of Team Australia and travel to Berlin in 2023!

Will you get me to the World Games?

I'm so proud to have been picked to wear the green and gold at the World Games in Berlin. 

To be part of an Australian team and go overseas will be a dream come true. I need to raise $9,000 to get there. That’s a lot of money and I need your help!   

Will you please donate today and get me to Berlin? I promise I will do my best and make Australia proud. If you donate through this page YOUR money goes directly towards MY fundraising goal.  

You can donate any amount you want, but I like these amounts:  

$64 because it represents each athlete 

$28 because it represents each official 

$92 because it represents the whole team  

$150 because it’s just a good number!  

I’m told that donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible, so please donate and help me get to the Games. 

I’ll let our team know that you’re awesome because you support us. Thank you! 

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Cassandra Gantner Foundation


Graeme & Fay Haines

All the best Sophie. Do your best and enjoy the experience.


Matthew Bertram


David Nichols


Lachlan Buszard

Go well superstar


Eros Zimmer

Just because it's 2 times a great number (2×150).


Rhonda Edmonds Edmonds

Sophie. We wish the very very best representing your country- you’ve worked so hard and achieved so much. GO SOPHIE.


Virginia And Maurice Robson

Hi Sophie How wonderful to represent your country. Enjoy every moment


Angie And Colin Carter

Well done Sophie. A great achievement after lots of hard work. Have fun at the Games.


Ashley Preston

What an impressive achievement to represent your country! Go Sophie and go Team Australia!


Wendy Lake

Viel Spaß Sophie (that’s German for, have fun). I know you will train really hard and do your very best to make all of Australia proud. What an amazing opportunity you have achieved for yourself.


Kylie Cubbon

Awesome effort Sophie. What a wonderful experience for you. Have fun, from Alan and Kylie


John & Sue

Have a great time Sophie; we know you will be trying your best.


Gayle Giblin

So excited for you! Go Sophie.


Christine Christopher

Wishing you all the very best for this exciting adventure Sophie. We are very proud of you! Lots of love, Chrissy, Sam & Pa xx


Joe Noda

What an amazing opportunity! Best of luck and have fun!!!


Elizabeth Lucas

Go well Sophie! And have FUN!!


Mum And Dad

Go Sophie - you will have an awesome time.


John And Noelene

Viel Gluck Sophie


Vicki Kim

Best wishes, Sophie, as you head to the games! We're so excited for you and look forward to following your adventure! Love from the Kim family.


April Wilson

Congratulations on your selection for Gymnastics Sophie! I know you'll have an incredible time and do us all proud!


Keryn Tole

Go Sophie!



Go Sophie! So impressed that you are going to represent Australia in gymnastics. That’s such an amazing achievement. Hoping it goes really well. Have fun and good luck!


Robyn Corr

Go Sophie! Just do the best you can & enjoy the experience super Gal.


Meagan Chadder

Have a great time! Well done!


Warren & Katrina Nichols

Best wishes Sophie xxx


Craig & Wendy

Great work Sophie!!


Bruce & Mary Eager

Thanks to Ken & Rhonda Edmonds for the wonderful "Block Tour" around Melbourne in support of the Australian Special Olympics Team 2023 to Germany.


Andrew & Megan Jay

Go Sophie! We are proud of you representing us in Berlin, we'll be cheering for you!


Beth Maarse

Wishing you much love and hope you have a wonderful time.


Felicity Langton

Dear Sophie .. so excited for you to be representing Australia. I know you will make us proud. Big love to you as you train and prepare Flick (your mums footy teammate).



Congratulations Sophie. So exciting to be representing Australia. I’m sure that you will be amazing and will have a fabulous time in Berlin. :)


Lauren Menzies


Jatni & Philip Rachmat

Best wishes


Trudy Haines

Have a fabulous time Sophie. Enjoy, you are amazing 😍


Alan Marr


Aretha Kakerissa

Congratulations Sophie!! Go well and do your best. We are very proud of you ❤️


Melbourne Speech And Language Services

Deare Sophie, I am a Speech Pathologist who works with your sister, Tayla, at her new school. I hope you enjoy Berlin and good luck with your competition.


Janeane Anderson

Best wishes for your success


Jo And Joe

We're cheering for you Sophie!


Kimberly Treloar

Go Soph! You’re amazing!!


Adam & Louisa Salmon

Congrats and have a wonderful trip. An amazing opportunity


Rita Anselmi

All the best Sophie 🙌


Trinidad Wallace

Enjoy this amazing experience Sophie!


Bruce Ahearne

We are proud of you! Well done!


Geoffrey Hilliard

Hope you win gold.


Roslyn Leary

Go Sophie! What a great effort. We'll be watching.


Kay Salehi

Well done Sophie, you are a star xx



Well done Soph!! We are all so so proud of you and can’t wait to see you absolutely smash it ❤️❤️


Max Mennen

You’ll do super well Soph!!


Marg Buszard

Go Sophie well done

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