TJ Straw

2023 Team Australia


We love fundraising as it shows our community what we have achieved ?. 
Money boards ? have been great but we are thinking something a little more fun. 
Keep an eye ? out. More news on that soon. 

Playing against mainstream teams

For the past 6 or so years the Mackay Fire ?  region has been included in the Mackay Australia Day ??  Basketball ? mainstream Competition. 
The last two years there have been a girls team also included. 
This year all the other teams played in a fun way that saw our Mackay Fire ? teams not only enjoy the weekend immensely, but also have a win or two.  
Scroll all the way down to see a photo of the team I played in. 

Australia Day Award Nomination

Honoured to receive a nomination for sportsman of the year this year. 
Winner was well deserved of the the award. 
Proud to be included in the lineup. 

Feeling grateful

We have received donations from people from past, and life enhancing, experiences in TJs life and feel so very grateful for their support. 


Special Olympics has enabled me to travel while playing a sport I love that helps keep me fit and healthy. 

Qualifying to represent Australia

I travelled to Launceston in Tasmania and won gold with my mixed team.
We had fun meeting players from the other states

Will you get me to the World Games?

I'm so proud to have been picked to wear the green and gold at the World Games in Berlin. 

To be part of an Australian team and go overseas will be a dream come true. But I need to raise $9,000 to get there. That’s a lot of money and I need your help!   

Will you please donate today and get me to Berlin? I promise I will do my best and make Australia proud. If you donate through this page YOUR money goes directly towards MY fundraising goal.  

You can donate any amount you want, but I like these amounts:  

$64 because it represents each athlete 

$28 because it represents each official 

$92 because it represents the whole team  

$150 because it’s just a good number!  

I’m told that donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible, so please donate and help me get to the Games. 

I’ll let our team know that you’re awesome because you support us. Thank you! 

My Achievements

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Received first donation

Reached 25% of fundraising goal

Reached 50% of fundraising goal

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Reached 100% of fundraising goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


Epsa Pacific Pty Ltd

We wish you all the best at the games TJ!




Gaz Bergman

$192 Days until the games. I'm excited that you are a sportsman and a dancer! That makes you perfect to represent Australia!


Elaine And Michael

Congratulations and good luck TJ from Elaine and Michael


Tracey Fairman

Good luck TJ


Miss Brodene Straw

Congratulations TJ, hope you have a wonderful time representing Australia. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday :)


Jenni Richards

All the best TJ, enjoy the experience,💙💜💚


Barrett Family

All the best for Berlin!!!!


Glenys, Greg And Annie

Congratulations on making the Australian Team, TJ! What a wonderful achievement! Hope you have a terrific time in Berlin!


Rachael Meers


Steve And Lynda O’keeffe

Good luck TJ we hope you have a wonderful time.





Congratulations. Enjoy the wonderful experience. From Diane & Kate


Ann Hutchinson

Good luck Tj

Our Team

Team Captain (C)

Rana Istambouli

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Anders Kobula

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Angela Fowler

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